Opportunites for the month of May 2023( creatives, entrepreneurs,scholars)

We encourage you all to apply. And share the link with your network so they can also access the opportunities.

Learning never stops that’s why we have once again compiled a list of opportunities for young scholars, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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Opportunities for Young Africans April 2023

We are continually picking up fresh nuggets that help us lead better lives, from the classroom to the playground. You are never too old or too young to master a new talent, and learning may be the first step toward self-discovery. It is an exciting time to be an African, as we are living in a period of unprecedented opportunity.

The fourth industrial revolution in technology has created new wealth-creation opportunities, particularly in the digital industry.
As always, we have created a list of opportunities for young scholars, creatives and entrepreneurs for the month of April 2023. We encourage you all to apply and kindly share the links with your network so they can cease the opportunities.


Some of the best online learning platforms

Learning never stops, from the classroom to the playground, we are constantly picking up new nuggets that help us lead better lives. You’re never too old or too young to pick up a new skill, and learning might be the steppingstone to self-discovery. It is a wonderful time to be African, as we are living in a period full of opportunities. The fourth industrial revolution of technology has opened new avenues of wealth creation, particularly in the digital sector.  These days almost everything is happening online, and the future seems to be digital with the introduction of the metaverse. Artificial intelligence is also advancing at a quick rate, and we are also finding cheaper models available on the market.


Opportunities for African Scholars, Creatives and Entrepreneurs ( March)

It is critical to maintain momentum when pursuing goals. Consistency allows you to improve 1% every day. Sometimes all you need is a chance. A chance to shine, excel, and improve your craft. Samora Central has compiled a list of opportunities for Zimbabwean artists, scholars, and business owners.

We wish you the best of luck with your applications, and please remember to share links with people in your network.

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Inside the mind of an Author: A conversation with Rudo Manyere

Storytellers characterize a period of time as custodians of its history. We know of societal issues which occurred in the Elizabethan era because of writers like Shakespeare, and closer to home we have discovered our voice on the continent through writers like Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Ngozi-Adichie. The role of storytellers is indispensable and it grows in importance now more than ever as we are challenged with numerous societal issues. For a long time, the story of Africa has not been told by its natives but in this era young Africans are beginning to rebrand Africa telling its story from a local’s perspective.

Rudo Manyere is one such writer who characterizes this exciting zeitgeist. Her love for stories has inspired her to take up numerous roles as an advocate of African literature. Whether in her capacity as a scriptwriter, author or booktuber her unrivaled passion for literature is contagious.

We sat down with Rudo to discuss humble beginnings, “3:15 am and Other Stories” as well as what makes a great book.  


Opportunities for Africans (January 2023)

2023 has picked up from where 2022 left off as this year promises to be another exciting year for young Africans.  What a time to be alive as there are numerous opportunities to become a global citizen by studying or working abroad.

We have compiled a list of opportunities for young Africans. If you fit the criteria, we encourage you to apply or share with someone who does.

Ready, Set, Grow.


One of Harare’s most stylish tastemakers Marcus “the Energy Dokta” Zvinavashe gives us an insightful prescription

Community drives development, at the heart of every grand milestone you’ll find a community that worked in cohesion to get things done. There are several ways to form a tribe, with the easiest way being assembling people based on shared values. Looking back to the conceptual days of Hollywood before it became a billion-dollar industry, it began as a tribe of creatives determined to be successful through the language of film. History repeats itself perpetually, now in the city of Harare, a place we call home, we have a tribe of creatives who are determined for success by speaking the language of fashion. 


Opportunities for Young Africans (August)

With the opening of universities fast approaching, this month’s opportunities are mainly focused on study opportunities and academic-related fellowships for young Africans. It is believed that education is power, and we intend on equipping young Africans with enough tools to take over the world.

Do not hesitate to apply, you never know where the applications may take you. If you encounter an opportunity that may be suitable for a friend please send it to them and let’s grow together.

Ready, Set, Grow…

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Exploring Male Aesthetics with Marlone Marrigah

The Zimbabwean modeling industry is largely dominated by female aesthetics. Not to say there aren’t any male models but as evidenced by instagram feeds, photographers find it easier to work with female muses. Then there’s Marlone Marrigah a charismatic tastemaker redefining what it means to be a male model in Zimbabwe, not just being a model for brands but a being role model that the youth needs. A brand consultant by day, Marlone also dabbles in construction work , a testament of the hard working personna that has become synonymous with being Zimbabwean.

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Creative Sajeni is taking a stance against Climate Change

Amongst several world topical issues, very few overshadow climate change in terms of importance. The effects of climate change cannot be ignored. Proof of the need for reform has been noted as strange weather patterns have led to the rarity of rain in Southern African winters. A threat not only to people but the broader biodiversity, rampant unaddressed pollution is the biggest threat to our society. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) sixth assessment report on the state of our climate, the past decade is likely to have been the hottest period in the last 125,000 years. From the monsoons in Asia to the veld fires in Australia we have witnessed signs of a neglected planet pleading for help.