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Creative Sajeni is taking a stance against Climate Change

Amongst several world topical issues, very few overshadow climate change in terms of importance. The effects of climate change cannot be ignored. Proof of the need for reform has been noted as strange weather patterns have led to the rarity of rain in Southern African winters. A threat not only to people but the broader biodiversity, rampant unaddressed pollution is the biggest threat to our society. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) sixth assessment report on the state of our climate, the past decade is likely to have been the hottest period in the last 125,000 years. From the monsoons in Asia to the veld fires in Australia we have witnessed signs of a neglected planet pleading for help.

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The Opening of Harare’s newest gallery presents a Pikicha perfect occasion

I can never get tired of visiting art galleries. They are always a great place to get inspired and meet interesting people. Leonardo Davinci once said that artists see what others only catch a glimpse of and it’s an enthralling experience seeing an artist’s vision come to life. This past weekend saw the official opening of the Pikicha Gallery a vibrant art space located at Helensvale Shopping Centre. The inaugural “Roots & Routes” exhibition curated by Doreen Sibanda, showcased the phenomenal work of Tamary and Natasha Kudita. Honorable Minister of Sports, Arts, and Recreation Kirsty Coventry also graced the occasion as she delivered the opening remarks.

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The Art in Music: A conversation with Joshua Chiundiza

I’ve always found the artistic process intriguing. There is something mighty about being able to fill a blank page, a black canvas, or conceptualizing music from a single note. I view artists as magicians, weaving magic with project producing purpose-driven narratives that stay true to their being. A creatives work is profoundly personal as it is an extension of their soul. It is their “raison d’etre” and serves as an extension of their identity. I’ve always attempted to add a bit of artistic flair and make my work an extension of my purpose like artists do. I’ve also noticed that the most successful people in life are humble- and that is also true for artists.

My recent encounter with Joshua Madalitso Chiundiza was a lesson on humility. Josh, despite having been a creative who has achieved great triumphs across different continents had the aura of someone who has something to prove. He is an audio/visual artist who is like a walking library of knowledge.

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Opportunities for Young Africans ( July)

When chasing goals, it’s important to keep up the momentum. Staying consistent helps you get 1% better every day. Sometimes all you need is an opportunity. A chance to prove yourself, excel and better your craft. Samora Central has compiled a list of opportunities for Zimbabwean creatives, scholars and entrepreneurs.

We wish you the best in your applications and remember to share links with people within your circle.


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Building a Brand with Miss Chindiya

Michelina Ngaakudzwe Chindiya better known as “Miss Chindiya” is a dynamic figure in Zimbabwean pop culture. A wealth manager by day, Miss Chindiya wears several hats as she is also an established content creator having worked with several brands such as Econet, Cimas, and Paper bag Africa. She’s the type of lifestyle and fitness content creator that young girls admire and aspire to be. Her brand has become the standard for style and elegance gaining her social media clout as a tastemaker in lifestyle and fitness content. Her work with charity foundations is admirable and shows her desire to help underprivileged youth as she always finds an opportunity to give back. Amongst her numerous achievements, nothing has been more inspirational than her fitness journey.


Could Drake be the most important collaborator in African Music? Honestly, Nevermind

By Anesu Muzenda

On the 17th of June, a welcome surprise was thrust upon us. Drake released his 7th studio album entitled Honestly, Nevermind to much fanfare as no prior alerts or overtures towards this album had been brought forward. However, the content of the album itself has left many fans bewildered.Drake making a fully-fledged dance-house album was something many people had not expected, not even in their wildest fever pitched dreams. Although Drake is no stranger to dance, Afropop and other genre fluid works; the album is clearly an experimental piece adorned by crooning house ballads, techno-dance melodies and over-the-top vocal deliveries that even Drake is not known to attempt pulling off.

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Zim Up Close : an insight into Harare cuisine

Today marks my second week back in the sunshine city. Whilst sitting in my room I noticed how much I had missed the distinct aromas of my mother’s cooking which often teases and alerts me that supper is almost ready. At the dining table we caught up discussing events that happened whilst I was away. I told her of how I observed that the city seems like it’s redecorating and becoming a treasure trove of recreation.

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Seeing the world through Andile’s Lens

Love and light to everyone reading this post. Welcome back to all our loyal readers and I’d like to give the warmest of welcomes to those reading Samora Central for the first time. Take a seat and feel at home. This is a safe space.  

It’s been a minute since we last spoke. I’d like to apologise for my silence as I had taken time to live life, grow but mostly observe. These days I’m trying to make myself comfortable with being uncomfortable in a bid to learn more about myself but enough about that let’s get right to it.

Creativity takes courage. Putting your work out there might be one of the most difficult tasks out there as you not only expose yourself to the criticism of others but of yourself. In the end as an it’s just a one way lane of competition with yourself and only you can set the boundaries to improving your craft.

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In the mind of a visual Artist: with Tash Kudita

The god given freedom of expression is a gift that we are blessed to receive. The more I engage with people the more I notice that it is more than just creativity. A person’s lifestyle is like a breath of  expression through their chosen field of work.

Breath in, breath out.

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New Sounds you should get on to: A conversation with Tapiwa

Electronic music is the sound of euphoria. When clubs are packed by the numbers it is the type of music that can start a rave. Not just a sound it is a movement that inspires youth and defines culture. Most popular in Europe, electronic music has crossed oceans and has reached the shores of Africa and with that being said it’s only a matter of time before Africans take over the genre.For a long time electronic music has been synonymous with European folk. While we continue to redefine the black experience and oppressive stereotypes we see more people of colour finding new ways to express themselves. One such avenue of expression is music.